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I am umesh tarsariya, blogging since 2009. I am regrate to say, i am irregular blogger. I had created numbers of blog and none were last even more then 2 years. There are numbers of reason behind that like study, job and business.

Everyone has core compatency due to which they sustain in this compative world. Thanks to the god that they give some of compatencies to me too that you will be witness in upcoming days.

I am post graduate, having degree of MBA with Marketing. I have implemented digital markering concept in study, job and business and come to conclution that if we use this knowledge in every aspects of our life then we can do our best in every field.

Due to which i have a aim to create a successful blog as its core of my till date success. The pluse blog was a expired domain with good metrix with my area of niches, so without fail i registred this domain for 2 years.

So this is how the journey of "The Pulse Blog"  started. I hope you all will like the stuff that will get publish here and do subscribe through social media pages and email.

Umesh Tarsariya.